Our cafe is located at the Comedy Club in Warsaw, Poland. We brew and serve coffees from top European roasters, which we serve on a seasonal menu. Every week we offer a different choice of single origin coffees, freshly roasted and manually harvested. All beans we brew are available in store, along with equipment and our tips how to brew at home or in your office. We invite you to stop by and try our coffees, teas and cakes!


Forum Coffee are Ilona Przewoźniczek and Sławek Saran. After spending many years in the coffee industry we launched Forum in 2014. Working on a wide variety of projects, has helped us develop our own idea. We have organized, taken part in and been judges in multiple national and international coffee tournaments, during which we learned to grade coffees on a professional level. We use our taste to search and pick out the best available coffees in the world.


We work with coffees from the specialty segment that are provided by top european roasters, and offer a wide choice of the best quality beans available on the market. We adjust our menu to the harvest calendar, as to only serve coffees that are fresh, full of flavor and aroma. Follow us on facebook and instagram to stay up do date.


We give advice on how to lead a coffee business. We will be glad to help you open your own cafe or to improve an already running project. We know how to optimize a business, improve its quality and reorganize they way you work. Using our knowledge and skills, we can teach you the basic barista techniques and help you prepare for championships. We will help you organize a competition or a different coffee event, which we learned by organizing the polish Aeropress Championships since a few years, as well as working at some of the largest european coffee events- Nordic Barista Cup and World Coffee Events.


We make short, comprised workshops during which we outline out how you should choose and prepare coffee. We won't give you the ideal recipes to brew it, but we can explain how to prepare such recipes yourself, depending on the coffee you use. The workshops for you and your group can take place either at our shop or another place of your choice. Every Saturday at 13:00 we host cuppings - open coffee tasting sessions, free of charge.


Elektoralna 11, 00-137 Warsaw, Poland
Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 19:00
Sat-Sun: 10:00 - 19:00
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